Technical Specifications

  • Each building provides open plan layout from 1.400 m2 up to 3.400 m2 in size, organized on a 8.1 m structural grid;
  • Office floors have a clear height of 2.80 m;
  • Suspended ceiling with built-in fluorescent lights to achieve 500 lux on the work plane;
  • 18 high speed lifts spread over four main service cores facilitate the subdivision of space on each floor to suit the tenants’ needs;
  • All buildings are air conditioned using ceiling mounted fan coils on a 4 pipe HVAC system (1/10m2 plus 10%);
  • High safety standards throughout the buildings: fire alarm and emergency standby generator for offices; sprinklers and smoke ventilation control systems for car parks;
  • Modern access control and security system combined with security personnel.